5 Tips for Fabulous Web Design

Websites should be a joy for the eyes. Fresh and user-friendly websites are necessary. Here the Web Design is essential – it should be made so that to have clarity and ease of use, but not vice versa. The most important question that arises here ishow thinks the visitors? Actually, there are no major differences for walk-in customers in a store. The customer looks around, takes what is in scope. Appealing colours and flashy logos bring are good. Everything is quickly flew over. That applies to your website for the text, as well as for the design. Large titles, logos, buttons and links are points of rest for the eyes.

Before you get started too boisterous with the digital brush, consider this that many Internet users still remember all too well the time of meaningless spam sites. Studies show that quality and credibility still always come first. Contents prevails over the style.

Here are the five tips:

Tip 1: Thinking is taboo

Avoid all possible question mark on a website. We must arouse curiosity with a slogan or use a nice illustration or graphic. However, the answer must reach to be so to find on the same page. The logo (or company name) best top left. This area is scanned first.

Tip 2: Immediate Satisfaction

When visitors to a link click, they want to come directly to the correct page. With each additional click leaves a part of visitors the page. Important product pages should therefore not hidden too deep are the website structure.

Tip 3: Run user

Play for your visitors to City Guide: In order not to lose their group, hold up a big red umbrella. For your website, this means: Use a clear navigation and large buttons. However, user guide goes further: Clear announcements, short explanations for buttons and success messages after form submission cannot be missing.

Tip 4: White is always nice

Black, blue, green and red also. However, this is about to create space: open space is good. Generous white areas allow visitors to divide the page into easily digestible pieces. Complex structures are unnecessarily difficult.

Tip 5: Test, 1-2, test

Test early and often. This is very important.

Basics of Search Engine Optimization

Clean technologies

Regardless of the search engine and the current algorithm, there are many points that have a positive impact on the indexing and placement. These include:

  • Good, customized titles and descriptions of the page
  • Own texts; own individual content
  • Good, proper internal linking with key words relevant to the topic
  • Deep links to important pages, cross-linking and matching of important pages
  • Flat structure, i.e. only as many levels as necessary navigation
  • Current, well-kept content (possibly with RRS Feed or tweets)
  • Good, right (not too long) ALT text for linked images
  • Static or static looking URI with relevant key words
  • Creating a Site Map (and larger sides of an XML sitemap)
  • Clean, validated HTML code (not too big or too extensive code files)
  • (If available) Error Free robots.txt – file
  • Left (deep links) from other sites to your website with a matching text link
  • Entry in directories, especially in the Open Directory Project (ODP)

Use social media services like Facebook for better dissemination.

Problematic points

Some techniques can negatively affect. An individual assessment is always necessary, but the following points should be considered critical:

  • Use of session IDs
  • Too many parameters in dynamic URIs
  • Link farms / Participation in Link Programs
  • Input pages / bridge pages
  • Java, JavaScript &DHTML
  • Full Flash pages
  • Frames
  • Diversions / Redirects
  • Duplicate Content
  • Overloaded with irrelevant words
  • Buying links
  • Dirty tricks

Some techniques promise short-term success, however, can the complete exclusion (spell) result of the website and therefore should not be used in principle:

  • Invisible text
  • Invisible links
  • Cloaking
  • Useless source code

Various methods are neither useful nor harm – on their use can be dispensed easily. These include:

  • Keywords in HTML comments
  • Using Meta keywords
  • Other

Each of these lists is the current state of technology, as it reflects the main points again, but do not claim to be complete. Before a rebuild or optimize an existing website is generally an individual analysis and design necessary.

SEO: Make your website known

The site is uploaded but if you look into your stats, the numbers that you see there might not satisfy you. It is easy! You still lack the proper promotion. The following promotion paths are only bring success, if she runs her constant and does not stop after a month. Promotion can pay, but also operate just as well free. In addition, who knows, maybe with the same result? Since these variants are all free, anyone can promote his website well with these agents.


Have you ever written a press release? Do you read a newspaper regularly? If your URL is mentioned in the press, then you certainly get many visitors.

Signature in your emails

If you send many emails, just add at the end of each e-mail your internet address.


In well-attended forums, it already has a whole lot when you discreetly clearly mark your messages with your URL. This might look like in the e-mail signature. First, you recognize only one stream of visitors on the day on which you have written your message. However, some may remember your site or even store them in the bookmarks. Therefore, you get some new visitors or even also regular visitors.

Free pages

Do you offer something free on your Page to? Good service, free stuff or own good software? That can increase the chances of many visitors.

Link Pages

Carry you into topics like link pages and directories. Even though some do not have many entries. There increases the chance that the few visitors to find your site the fastest. Conversely, it would be that many visitors would have to wade through a jungle of links and who knows if your page would then clicked once.

Search Engine

When you make the entries by hand, it is well.While there are programs online as well as offline, automatically entering in search engines, but I think that these entries are very unreliable and do nothing. If you want to have good seats, the page must be easily adapted to the major search engines.