Basics of Search Engine Optimization

Clean technologies

Regardless of the search engine and the current algorithm, there are many points that have a positive impact on the indexing and placement. These include:

  • Good, customized titles and descriptions of the page
  • Own texts; own individual content
  • Good, proper internal linking with key words relevant to the topic
  • Deep links to important pages, cross-linking and matching of important pages
  • Flat structure, i.e. only as many levels as necessary navigation
  • Current, well-kept content (possibly with RRS Feed or tweets)
  • Good, right (not too long) ALT text for linked images
  • Static or static looking URI with relevant key words
  • Creating a Site Map (and larger sides of an XML sitemap)
  • Clean, validated HTML code (not too big or too extensive code files)
  • (If available) Error Free robots.txt – file
  • Left (deep links) from other sites to your website with a matching text link
  • Entry in directories, especially in the Open Directory Project (ODP)

Use social media services like Facebook for better dissemination.

Problematic points

Some techniques can negatively affect. An individual assessment is always necessary, but the following points should be considered critical:

  • Use of session IDs
  • Too many parameters in dynamic URIs
  • Link farms / Participation in Link Programs
  • Input pages / bridge pages
  • Java, JavaScript &DHTML
  • Full Flash pages
  • Frames
  • Diversions / Redirects
  • Duplicate Content
  • Overloaded with irrelevant words
  • Buying links
  • Dirty tricks

Some techniques promise short-term success, however, can the complete exclusion (spell) result of the website and therefore should not be used in principle:

  • Invisible text
  • Invisible links
  • Cloaking
  • Useless source code

Various methods are neither useful nor harm – on their use can be dispensed easily. These include:

  • Keywords in HTML comments
  • Using Meta keywords
  • Other

Each of these lists is the current state of technology, as it reflects the main points again, but do not claim to be complete. Before a rebuild or optimize an existing website is generally an individual analysis and design necessary.